Computer starts, turns off in a split second

I decided to rewire my pc so it would look cleaner but when i powered it up the fans started, my h100i started and the led turned red, then my computer shut down. I tested my powersupply by jumping it, paperclip test, and it worked. Did i short my mother board? What else should i try?
cpu i5 4670k
gpu msi gtx 760
cpu cooler h100i
motherboard msi gaming motherboard z87-g45
ram 8gb corsair vengence pro
power supply corsair cx600 watt
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    You probably mixed up some of the connections. Go thru Tom's checklist -
  2. check everything is connected properly again and check everything is pluged in properly. work in sequence once it boots with cpu and ram then add video card then hdds and optical then any other components you may have. is it doing this eveytime you turn it on or just once then no power at all. usually its a sign the motherboard is protecting itself from something not connected or installed right
  3. Thank you, it was the cpu power connector it wasn't plugged in well enough :)
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