Would case theme should i go for!?

So, i decided to put together a list for a video editing, and small VFX stuff. Anyways, im trying to keep it smallish, maybe a mid tower but probably will do mid tower. Feel free to make suggestions my current part list is below. I'm trying to keep it $750 and below. I'm really digging a blue look.


I'd also like to add that the 16 GB is made to be easily up-gradable. Anyways, here's my thoughts on some case themes, but i don't want red or blue because my current PC already has it. So, Black with blue LED's and blue themed wires, (which would go with all themes, not necessarily blue, but you get my point.) NZXT Phantom 410 Black/Orange with inside blues. Same case with White/Blue with blue insides. NZXT Guardian 921 (blue once again.) So drop your suggestion comments.
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  1. i just noticed the thermaltake g42, g41, and the versa h23 looked good too. (all with windows)
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