Help searching for a Midtower Case for good Performance and Build

So far I've been looking at cases, and so many seem cheapy and overly plasticy and don't seem as though they're very good. I have found Corsair to be an excellent maker of cases, and their Vengeance C70 looks quite well built with 11 fan locations seems great, but has a bit off a military look to it. Can I just ask what features should I be looking for in a case, and whether I can get some suggestions.
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  1. Hi again

    You should look for airflow, cable management, and mount locations.
    I do enjoy Corsair cases. The C70 is a nice case, so is the 300r, 450d, etc.
  2. Haha well I did not expect to see you again :) I do like the C70, I just keep seeing all these fancy cases called the "Phantom" or the "Avenger" or all the aggressive names and whatnot, I'm just not sure about them. They often have quite a nice sleek design, or good edges and simply a "cool-looking" aesthetically appealing appearance. But are there any cases like these that are well made?
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    Pretty much any corsair, coolermaster, or NZXT cases are great.
    NZXT Phantom 410, CM HAF series, and the NZXT 440 are some examples.
    As long as they have solid construction (you see steel somewhere), cable management, and at least a few fan mounts they will be quality enough.
  4. Alright well thanks again.
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