Using a Nvidia and an AMD card in the same PC

Is it possible to use an R9 270x and a GTX 660 in the same computer and to have them work for the same game at the same time? Failing that, I'll just grab another 270x and crossfire it.
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  1. Crossfire is alright. And no there is no way to make those 2 cards work together. At best you could dedicate an nvidia card to PhysX while you use an AMD for graphics.
  2. Broadly speaking, no. I read about using an nvidia card as a dedicated physx card but it was awkward and it woudl only apply to certain games. I suspect it is not what you are looking for.

    Don't forget to check that your mobo supports crossfire and not SLI only.
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    No you cant use them at same time.You can SLI two nvidia cards or CROSSFIRE two AMD cards at same time but you cant make the nvidia and amd work on same pc at same time.You can only CROSSFIRE AMD CARDS or SLI NVIDIA CARDS...You need to get another AMD card to crossfire.The R7 260x is really awesome at mid end gaming and crossfiring it can max out every game.If not get R9 270x if you are on a budget.
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