gtx 780 ti reference vs asus gtx 780 oc dcu2

I know that gtx 780ti is powerful but gtx 780 is already oc-ed and has also a nice protective backplate. I also plan to overclock any gpu i will buy.

P.S. sorry for my bad english.
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    Hi, if u want overclock then i would suggest the ASUS GTX 780 DC2OC edition ........cuz directCU cooling beats reference cooling by a lot........ if ur PC can handle it and u have good cooler u will be able to get good results by overclocking the gtx 780 dc2oc.....on the other hand u may face overheating problems by overclocking the reference 780 my suggestion would be the 780 dc2oc or get an after market (non-reference) 780 ti if u want to overclock..............hope this helped u ...... :) ....
  2. Thanks a lot. It was hard to decide.
  3. Welcome......
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