Adding extra case fans.

Hey guys, I have the corsair 600t case, which has an optional mesh side to add up to 4 120mm fans. I am thinking about adding in 4 corsair sp120 quiet edition to the mesh to give my rig some extra cooling as it gets quite warm. However, I have no idea where I would have the plug the fans into. I believe that the current case fans I have are plugged into the psu, as they do not show up on speedfan or AIsuite. Could anyone give me a hand?
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  1. you have to either buy a fan controller or a fan hub for that ......if you are low on budget then fan hub will be good but if you have no problem spending more money then fan controller will be the best.... you can control your fan speed manually with it ..
  2. I'm sorry if I was unclear, I don't want advice on how to control the fans, I want to know how to connect my new fans that I am adding to the PC, via psu or mobo? etc
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    if your fan have molex connectors then branch them with the psu molex..and if they have 3pin or 4 pin connectors then you have no choice except buying a hub or controller ...
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