Thermal throttling + other story

first of all, here is a link to an other question I asked, plz read it, it's not that much to read ;)

Could this problem be caused by thermal throttling in the bios/uefi? If i want to change the setting to the point I allow the cpu to get hotter, do i increase the percentage for thermal throttling or do i decrease it? I think i am on to something so please help me.

In the linkk above is a list of specs.

Thanks in advance!

btw, my friends cpu is getting the same temps as me, but with the stock cooler. He has pretty much the same build, but he doesnt get the framedrops as mentioned in the other question.

Any other questions im willing to answer and sorry for my bad english ;)
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    Man, that link is broken, maybe a mod can fix it or you can properly quote the link so it isn't borked? :)
  2. omg i know whats wrong try again lol
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