Weird pixelation on screen

I periodically get this distortion on my screen. Any way to stop it?

Here is a link to the image explaining what is happening
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  1. Try updating your graphics card drivers.

    Also, which cable do you use to connect your monitor to your pc?
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    That definitely looks like a cable issue rather than a GPU issue.

    Are there any heavy objects on the cable running from your Graphics Card to your monitor? Are the connectors at either end securely attached? Is there significant amounts of dust or debris collected on the inside of the cables?

    Also try reinstalling your GPU drivers and making sure you have the latest, most updated editions, just in case.
  3. My GPU drivers are up to date and I use a hdmi cable to connect the pc to my monitor, and the cable is attached. I thought it might be the cable, so long as my system isn't dying, it's fine :'). Thanks very much :') Unfortunately I can't pick both posts as the solution can I? :')
  4. Do you have a spare monitor by any chance? You might want to check the same cable on a different monitor. As for picking the solution, it's your choice!
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