i7 4790k runs without BIOS update on Asus Maximus VI Gene, is this bad?

Hello all,

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I recently upgraded my CPU from a 4570 to a 4790k. Well, in all my excitement, I forgot to update the BIOS before exchanging the chips. I didn't realize this until after I had booted the computer up. BIOS recognized the chip just fine, I was even able to play with the overclocking. I also had no problems booting into windows and running programs (Windows recognizes the chip as well, but for some reason only gives it a 7.6 :??:). I plan on updating the BIOS this evening when I get home, but I just wanted to ask if this could have caused any damage at all. BTW, I may be a little off on this, but current BIOS on my machine is 1303 (I know it is 130X for sure). Thanks in advance!
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    I doubt it would cause any damage, but definitely go ahead and update the BIOS anyway. The -4790K is a higher-TDP processor than the -4770K, so its possible that the BIOS update does something with power management. You would definitely want to have that, even if its not immediately obvious.
  2. No, its not a problem at all. But you should update it to the latest version.
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