will AMDs A 10-6790k bottleneck two r9 270x graphic cards in crossfire?

Title say it all
additional information about my pc
A 10-6790k quad core 4.3 GHz
Asus a88x Pro
gtx 760 2 Gb
16 gb of ram 1600MHz
750W PSU gold rated
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  1. No. But performance will not be up to the mark.
  2. Yes the A10 will bottleneck two i crossfire. The FM2 socket CPUs are just not as good as fx series or intel (reduced cpu performance for better integrated gpu)
  3. It will depend on the game. In CPU heavy games like Crysis 3, you will will definitely feel the limits of a quad core -vs- an FX 6-8 core.
  4. Amd apus are budget cpus, they're not meant to be used like that.
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