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Hello, I have been playing lots of games. My computer keeps overheating and one time it shut down. The problem is with my cpu cooler because its a crappy stock cooler. I want to buy a better one. I have a small Mini-ATX case and an FM2 socket. Can you recommend a good cpu cooler that will fit in a clearance about 13 cm or less and fm2. Link maybe ?! Thank you.
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  1. If looking for air cooler, hyper 212 plus is the best for your needs.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - CPU Cooler with 4 Direct Contact Heatpipes (


    If looking for water cooling, Corsair H100i is the right one.

    Corsair H100i Cooler


    Update: Noctua NH-D14 (
  2. Hyper Evo 212+, the most common air cooling solution among gamers. Its cheap as well, this cooler is not small, it is a tower, so make sure it fits in your case. Does a really good job on keeping the CPU cool.

    Watercooled Corsair H100i.

    Corsair H100i Cooler (
    Pick as the solution
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    noctua l-12, cooler master gemini. for small room.
  4. Corsair H80i. It is a double thick radiator with possibility of double fans in Push and Pull Config.
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