Is this a good gaming PC build for 600$???

I was thinking about using this build

please leave suggestions and feedback on this gaming pc
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  1. Well what budget you jave now?
    Btw do you really want to spend money on windows-potato8 , dvd( which nobody really uses anymore with usb) and sound/net card (which anyMB has anyway)
  2. I think you should get rid of the extra fans no need for them.

    Consider the rosewill challenger case over that coolermaster case, for price sake.

    And ram, you should probably get something cheaper like this:

    If the price difference isn't huge then no big deal, keep what you alredy selected.
  3. I also have a gaming build with the fx 6300 (paired with a gtx 670) and it's a great chip. I have mine OC'd to 4.7GHZ on a H80 and it can play anything I've thrown at it on High / Ultra in 1080p (eg. Planetside 2, with everything on max stays above 30fps except in some of the massive fire fights where it can dip into high 20s, which i find is still playable.)

    The only thing I would say about your build is that if you want to leave yourself the option to OC on an aftermarket cooler at a later date, you may want a better motherboard. While the 78LMT-usb3 does have heatsinked VRMs, it only has a 4+1 phase count ( For not much more money you could look at the ASUS M5A97 R2.0 or EVO/PRO, which have beffier 6+2 or 8+2 power delivery, which can help with higher stable OCs.

    Also be aware that the 78LMT does not support crossfire, haveing only 1x PCIe x16 and no x4 or x8 slots and only supports 1333MHZ RAM (

    Otherwise build looks good and balanced, really like the r9 270!

    Hope this helps,
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    My opinion and my build is the following
    CPU: 120$ AMD Fx6300
    MB: 75$ Gigabyte 970a DS3P
    RAM: 70$ Team Dark 8GB 1600mhz cl9
    HDD: 60$ 1TB 7200rpm 64mb WD
    SSD: 65$ 120gb Muskin
    GPU: 150$ r9 270 2GB/256bit Sapphire
    170$ r9 270x 2GB/256bit HiS IcQ
    PSU: 45$ Evga 500w 80+ eficiency
    CASE: 35$ Rosewill mid-ATX with usb 3.0
    The SSD is optional.
    no SSD with 270 = 555$
    no SSD with 270x= 575$
    with SSD with 270 = 620$
    with SSD with 270x= 640$

    Beteewn r9 270 and 270x there is small diference. They bothe have same core configuration (1280:80:32) but the 270x has higher frequencies and one more pci-E power connector .
    What does this mean? The 270x is suited for those that want to overclock. If you dont plan to OC there is no reason to go for it and stick with the 270 non "x". Both GPU get along well with the EVGA 500w.
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