Using Intel SRT while also having a standalone SSD

Hey guys, so I'm making a build where I have a small 64GB SSD to use in conjunction with a 2TB HD for Intel's smart response technology, essentially creating a hybrid sshd. However, I was also planning to have another 120gb ssd just by itself, to install a dual boot windows/hackintosh on. I also have a 500gb hd in the build, I don't think that matters though. So I was wondering if there was a way for SRT to cache just the data from the single 2tb hd, because larger ssd is already fast, and I don't really need the data on the 500gb hd to be fast. Is that possible?
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    The srt setup has you select which ssd and hdd. You can only select 1 hdd to cache and it won't let you cache a ssd anyways.
  2. Oh, thanks, that's reassuring.
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