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I have a cpu, which has a core 2 quad 2.33 ghz, 4 gb ram 64 bit operating system, it also has 1gb msi geforce 9400 gt card on a 22 inch samsung syncmaster but performance is very poor, all the games i had to play till this date in 4years was in the lowest resolution possible , i want yo play the maximum games possible in h.d all mew games, but due to tight budget i cant go for a oberall upgrade, but i want to know whats the best graphic card i can use, and what power supply unit i would need? Budget can be increased if i get something really good, withouth changing the rest, please advice what can i do, i want to connect this system to a 42 inch led display, what card would do best for me if i want to play the latest games 1080 p , with medium settings can do
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  1. from India?


    go for GTX 750 or gtx 750 ti (will do medium, to high setting on some games)
    and Antec VP450

    those are the cheapest you can go
  2. yeah i am from india , do i need to up my ram aswell??
  3. yeah i am from india , do i need to up my ram aswell??
  4. do you use DDR2 or DDR3?
    you can go for 8GB DDR3 ram in total. it is a standard for gaming PC nowadays

    note that you can always buy the ram later, test you pc with new gpu and psu first in case it solve your problem
  5. oh yes and yeah it fits my budget aswell, i can go a little overboard aswell, like 5k more , do you have anything that is better than 750ti?
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    Radeon 270 2GB / Radeon 280 3GB (max supported by core 2 quad)

    but those cards need more power

    use better PSU XFX 550 Bronze, Seasonic 520 - 620W

    whichever you can afford
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