Coolmaster Hyper Evo 212

I recently posted a thread about my new build using a FX 6350 and my CPU temps with the stock cooler/fan @ initial boot the MSI Mobo was saying that my board temp was 31c and my CPU was @ 63c, i was told by the forum that the FX 6350 needed an after market cooler, which i got the Coolmaster evo 212, got it all installed thank god for youtube, and upon initial boot, i was reading a Mobo temp of 29c and a CPU temp of 43c, i let it run in idle for 45 minutes and the cpu temp remained @ 43c, am i good togo with that, thanks for your help my 1st computer build, i do not plan to overclock.
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    43C is a cool temp. You're good to go.
  2. Anything under 80 degrees should be fine, with 43, your good to go!
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