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Hello. I am currently in the market for a laptop, so that I can use it for college. As much as i will need it for creating documents, taking notes, and researching, I want it to be a high performance laptop that will let me play any game in my steam library. As far as money goes, I have a target price for lower than $1750, but I could be pushed up to $2000 if there is a big difference in performance ranges. I have built my own desktop Gaming PC, so I do know a lot about computer hardware and software. I know that Laptops differ in some ways from desktop PCs, so that is why I came here first. I have a list of questions about things that I would like to know about laptops and their hardware. If you could answer any of these questions I would appreciate it. Thanks!

1. What is a good Intel Processor for a gaming laptop?

2. what is a good Nvidia GPU for laptop gaming?
- I have a Nvidia GTX 770 (2GB) installed in my desktop PC. I would like to have just as much performance from a laptop GPU.

3. what should I look for in a laptop monitor that would be good for gaming?

4. What brand of PC would be best for Gaming?
- For my desktop PC's motherboard and GPU, I chose MSI. I have not been dissapointed in any way by the products i bought from them.

5. what is a good website to get a custom gaming PC from?

Some more preferences of mine are:
- Having at least one SSD (mostly for OS and a few games)
- Windows 8.1
- Big screen, good for gaming
- Big HDD size
- Long battery life
- Easy to transport (thin, light, etc.)
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  1. MSI is a good company, but if you want custom, go to origin PC, or cyberpower or ibuypower for custom laptops.

    Get a intel 4th gen i7 quad core, that is needed for gaming.

    Your gona want at least a gtx 880M to come even close to your gtx770.
  2. I would stay away from cyberpower and ibuypower stuff. They are pure trash.

    I would recommend the Lenovo y50 (you can even get it with 4k screen!). Its pretty strong, considering its not as heavy and thick as those ibuypower ones.
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    :( I agree with the 880M, you'll need that to at least come close to the GTX 770.

    I would go with a MSI GS60 Ghost Pro ( - $1,779.00.

    It only weighs 4.34 lbs, carries a 870M GTX, and a 128GB SSD, which is perfect for the OS and a few games. The battery life isn't great, but if you want a thin and light option with great gaming performance, you may need to compromise.

    The Razor Blade (2014) has great battery life and all the above characteristics, but the cost starts at roughly $2,000.

    Additionally, IF you do consider iBUYPOWER, we sell custom-built MSI laptops and you can pick your exact specifications on our site. I configured a laptop for your consideration below -

    ( - $1,600 plus free shipping. Here's a 5% off purchases of $1,299 or more (Promotional Code - BOXBOX5) - $1,520 plus free shipping.

    Let me know if you have any questions about anything! :)
  4. thanks everyone!
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