Installing OS on a 4770K without a cooler

This is sort of a stupid question, but I'm putting together a system, and I have everything together except my closed loop water cooling system. I had to RMA it because it was defective, so now I have to wait for my replacement piece to come. Since I pretty much have a functional computer without a processor block, I figured I might as well save some time and install windows/hackintosh before my RMA comes.

I don't really feel like using the stock cooler, because I don't want to use it for two days, then have to remove it and clean everything off. Will running something like an OS be demanding enough to cause a 4770K to overheat without any cooling whatsoever? If so, I'll just be patient and wait for my replacement...
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    you MUST use the stock cooler if you want to run the pc.

    you would then need to clean the cpu paste off, reapply it and then install your new cooler. either that or you can wait for your cooler to come in.
  2. Quote:
    Will running something like an OS be demanding enough to cause a 4770K to overheat without any cooling whatsoever?

    Yes. It will quickly overheat without a cooler of some sort.
    Either install and replace later, or wait.
  3. as above, you must have a cooler
  4. Install the stock cooler, even with a water cooler the 4770K has heat issues. You'll probably find it takes a bit longer than 2 days for your water cooler to find it's way back to you.
  5. Yes you require a cooling method for the processor, even if you're not planning on running anything extensive.

    Even on idle (when you're not using your system) and with a cooling method attached to your CPU, depending on the CPU, it'll easily be over 20 degrees Celsius. My Xeon E3-1230v2 on idle with cooling is around 39/30 degrees Celsius on idle with the stock fan/heatsink. If I didn't have a cooling method in place, the temperatures would most likely be higher and eventually damage the CPU.

    You require a cooling method for your CPU no matter the scenario; running without cooling would be disastrous.

    All the best. :)
  6. Ah. Thanks for the help guys. I already knew what the answer would be, I was just hoping for it not to be.

    I actually just refunded it then ordered a new one, and I also have newegg premier shipping, so yes it is coming tomorrow or the day after, I'm just really impatient :sarcastic:
  7. i would just wait then. far less hassle than changing out coolers.
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