Need new CPU cooler that will fit in my case/on my motherboard that's not in the way of gpu

So I think I will need to buy a new CPU cooler because my CPU was at 90C running GTA IV. However all coolers I've looked at seem too big for my case, motherboard (RAM will get in the way) or graphics card. I have a F2A88XM-DS2 motherboard, a GTX 750 ti gpu and I will link my case below.

Case -

Graphics card -

Motherboard -

CPU is A8 6600k if it helps
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    Zalman CNPS5X Performa 134mm height, should fit the case.

    £12.14 product


    If you have something obstructing your case, and the height available is less than 134mm, you can get this one:

    SILENX EFZ-92 £13.26 under 60mm but not as powerful
  2. I should have probably added its an FM2/FM2+ cpu socket
  3. Both are FM2/FM2+ compatible.
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