Do I need water cooling, is it too hot

I am going to be running a 780ti sli acx cooling configuration and am wondering if water cooling is going to be absolutely necessary. link to this product is my set up is:

corsair air 540 case
samsung evo 120GB ssd(for os)
samsung evo 500B ssd(for storage)
G.skill trident x 2400 32GB
asus Z97 deluxe
corsair h105 w push pull config
evga supernova 1000w p2 psu
intel i7 4790k haswell quad core
i will have a fan controller w/ 8 case fans
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  1. u wont know for sure until u test temps. Althought i dont think u gona have issues even at 4k with that setup.
  2. No, 780ti SLI will not need water cooling at all.

    Also, why do you have 32gb RAM?

    Also 8 fans is WAY too many for Corsair Air 540. The whole point of that case is that you need very few fans.

    I assume you must be playing at 4k, otherwise this is a HUGE waste of money.
  3. The 780TI should be fine, plenty of air circulation in the case
  4. Not with that case you won't. Though what fans are you gonna use in the system?
  5. I will be using 3 4k monitors... and I will have 4 push pull fans on the radiator as well as 3 120mm intake fans in the from with one 140mm exhaust fan int he back. I know the RAM is overkill and I was thinking of downgrading but decided if I have the money, why not?
  6. You will probably need more than 2 780ti's in SLI for gaming on 3 4k displays.

    There will be no difference in game performance between 8 and 32gb RAM. get 16gb MAX. DDR4 will be the common RAM before you even can use more than 16gb of yours.
  7. Will that require water cooling?
  8. Will what require water cooling?
  9. Best answer
    The GPU, No.
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