Asrock 970 extreme3 Mid overclocks

ok so i have a kinda low budget
for my frist Gaming pc
my question is will asrock 970 extreme3 be stable and do good job with the fx 6300 At 4.0 Ghz

my specs would be:
CPU: Fx 6300
CPU COOLER: CM hyper 212 evo
MOBO:Asrock 970 extreme3
GPU:Asus R9 280
memory: G.skill ares 8GB 1600mhz CL9
Storage: WD Blue 1TB
Case: AeroCool Strike x one Advance
PSU: Any suggestions That would be great For budget PSU
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    I personally wouldn't attempt an OC with that CPU on tht board. Weak VRMs.
    A List of Motherboards for Overclocking AM3+ FX CPUs
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