Case Fan Connectors Wont Connect to my Mobo or PSU

I just finished building my first build ever with the nzxt phantom 530 case. There's two fans and they have two cords with connectors for them. They're two pin male connectors and there's no place to plug them in on my Asus Z87 Pro motherboard. I also have a corsair RM1000 psu. I checked the PSU's box and there was a cord that fit the motherboards 4 pin fan connectors(theres around 5 or 6 on the whole board) and on the other end there's a 2 pin connector (female)that wont fit the fan connector, and there's a 3 pin(female again) connector that slides right into the case fan's connector. I thought this was going to fix my issue but i plugged it in and no fan turned on. I still wouldve been one cord short for the other fan as well. Do i have to go my local electronics store and pick up some new cables/adapters?
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    page 14 for the fan you could have up to ten in this case
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