Me laptop keyboard gives weird signs

Hello forum members,

Last week i bought a medion akoya p7818, till now i had no problems with it but if click one of the following keys: m,y,j,k,h,v and some others it doesn't work how it should, for example when i press m it types: mx, or ɪÆô these kind of signs without pressing anything else other than the normal key (in this case m). i checked: language, tried pressing FN + numlock and CTRL+SHIFT but that didn't work. some times it goes away and it works normal and then for some reason it changes again to these weird signs, if anyone knows how i can change/fix this i would be thankful

NOTE: if i change to another keyboard (so not the laptop build in one) it works normally

- Nadim
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  1. scout_03 said:

    ye opened this one with english title ;p yet mistyped the my for me anyway
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