Second monitor causes fps spike

I plugged my second monitor yesterday and I started having weird issues. The fps drop every now and then while playing games (or at least where I notice it). It happens every 10-15sec, the fps will drop in the ~30 fps range for around 5 sec. It is noticable and somewhat irritating.

The second monitor has a VGA cable with a DVI adapter plugged in the GPU. It's 1680x1050 as opposed to my main monitor at 1920x1080. I'm not an expert in that kind of stuff and I'd rather just unplug it than deal with it.
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  1. Post your build in detail including moniotrs. then specify what ports you connected from graphics card to each monitor.
  2. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64
    CPU: i7 4770k
    GPU: 780ti
    RAM: 4x4 1600mhz
    Mobo: Asrock Z97 pro4
    Monitor 1: ASUS VS Series VS238H-P 2ms 1920x1080
    Monitor 2: Venturer PLV3122GB

    While I'm at it, my ASUS monitor also has some weird semi transparent pixels sliding around most images when I'm scrolling the page (happens in games too)
  3. Power supply?

    What ports you connected from graphics card to each monitor port?
  4. The power supply is a Corsair HX850 (850watt).

    The ASUS monitor is plugged with an HDMI plug in the graphic card, there's only 1 HDMI port on the GPU.

    The Venturer monitor is plugged in the DVI-I port on the graphic card. There's also a DVI-D plug but the small paper coming with the card told me to not plug VGA/DVI adapter in the DVI-D (and the metal thingy don't match anyway).
  5. And the DVI-I port has a DVI/VGA adapter on it?

    What port in the Venturer?
  6. The Venturer only has a VGA port and my graphic card doesn't. I have no choice to use the adapter on it.
  7. That's OK. I was just checking whether you had an adapter.

    Do both monitors show up in Control Panel, Display, Change Display settings?

    Are the settings correct?

    Do you get pixel and fps problems just with the Asus? Just with the Venture?
  8. The weird pixels are only on the ASUS but they don't affect the performance. Here's a small example of what it does when I'm scrolling slowly (keep in mind I had to edit in photoshop since it can't be printscreened).

    Both monitors do show up in the control panel. After discussing with a friend, I was told the Venturer is a TV screen and might be why it's harder for the GPU to deal with it.

    The fps problems happens on both monitors, it's directly related to game performances. All the fps monitoring apps show a clear 60 to 30 fps drop.
  9. OK - so with either monitor, you still get the same changeable fps?

    Any particular games?
  10. I unplugged my second monitor and it's not doing it anymore. It might be cause the Venturer is a TV and not a real monitor.
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    Ah - you said it was a monitor. And I was dumb enough to believe you. Silly me.

    Glad you got it sorted then. TV's have terrible response times and as such are not recommended for use with pc's.
  12. I didn't think it would affect my system since it's a pretty good one, I guess I'll buy a real monitor then.

    Thanks for you help.
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