How to connect Wireless Beats Via Bluetooth to PC.

I'm not able to connect wireless beats via bluetooth to PC.
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  1. Open the bluetooth management program on the computer and pair the headphones. Instructions would be with the headphones.

    If you don't have bluetooth on the computer, you can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter for about $5 on ebay.
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  2. I have a bluetooth in my computer.
    when I click on new device it says Wireless beats, after connecting, it installs all the drivers.

    and in sound "options" it shows Disconnected Device, try to connect it it says fails to initialize the device..

    everything else works fine, just the wireless beats doesnt connect via bluetooth.
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    Check with their support FAQ and maybe call their help line and see why it's showing as disconnected. Them actually being connected but not working is a bit different than not being able to connect.
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  4. Wow you dumb asses were helpful
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