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I'm planning to upgrade my computer by buying another card to run a crossfire. My plan is to use 2x 7750's don't need to question me about wattage because I've got that covered. My question here is it doesn't have a bridge connector, do I need the exact same model and brand and my amd catalyst manager doesn't have anything in it to relate to crossfire.

My graphics card is a Power Color 7750 2gb as seen here "" and the graphics card I'm going to pair it with "".

Oh and also to mention my motherboard is AMD crossfire ready and so is my existing GPU.

Thanks in advance!!!

Regards, Charles.
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  1. This chart will answer your question.
    Crossfire Compatibility Chart 2014
    This is the latest Crossfire Compatibility chart. It shows you what cards can be combined, as well as which ones need bridge connectors: Read More
  2. That doesn't even answer anything atm. I can't even see my card there. I did also say in my catalyst control panel there isn't a tab for crossfire. Now I wan't to know if I have to download a software. Also if both cards are compatible. But thanks anyways.
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    The 250 is the 7750 rebranded, if I recall. You will need to uninstall then re-install drivers when the second card is installed.
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