Will the i5-4690 be better than the i5-4590?

Ok so i just got my motherboard a while back, it is a ASRock H97M Pro4 LGA 1150 Intel H97. Now i am getting ready to order the i5-4590 but i am starting to wonder i i should get the i5-4690 but i do not know if the i5-4690 will work with my motherboard, i know the i5-4590 will though. And also, is the i5-4690 really that much better, should i pay the extra $40 for it or stick with the i5-4590? And no i do not tend to Overclock my CPU on this build, maybe my GPU but not my CPU.

To sum it all up, is the i5-4690 worth getting over the i5-4590?
And if i do choose the i5-4690 will it still work on my motherboard as well?
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    Go for the I5 4690.
    Better and Faster

    EDIT:Yes it will work with this mobo
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