core i5 4690 vs 4670

hi guyz what is the difference ? why are they the same price ? 4690 seems to be better but why are they the same price !!!!!??????????????
is 4690 and asus r9 270x direct cu II and 8 gb Ram a good idea for gaming at 1440X900 Res??
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  1. The preformance is the same. U can get 2fps more with 4690.
  2. The 4690 is a 'refresh' a tad faster, and a bit updated.
  3. 4690 is proffered more 'cause it is newer than the other ...... so it will keep u updated
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    Reasons to consider 4690 than the 4670:
    Better performance per dollar 6.2 pt/$ vs 4.84 pt/$
    Around 30% better performance per dollar
    Marginally newer
    May, 2014 vs Apr, 2013
    Release date over 1 years later
    More info and review check out:
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