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Hello everyone
. I have upgraded my graphics card and power supply from geforce 210 to zotac gtx 650 ti and from iball 250 watts to cooler master 350 watts. But the fan of psu is facing inside my cabinet. And when i play games like arkham city and skyrim, the gpu temperature rises to 70-82 celsius. I want to lower this heat. As i live in India and here is summers now. Here temperature is about 35-50 celsius. Can anyone please tell my what is should do? Should i install a second supplementary fan or anything else..
Please give me advice
My pc specs are:
Intel core i3 2100@3.10 ghz
4 gb of ram
1tb of HDD
1gb zotac nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti gpu
350 watt cooler master psu
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    for a card at 35 -50 deg ambient temperature its normal to reach 80 c can add few extra fans in your case front intake side intake top exhaust and rear exhaust will keep your case temp low but your ambient temps are high so will not make a huge difference so take your pc to a cool room if u want better cooling.
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