Need help please about thermal paste!

Hello guys, I just got the parts for my pc and I was putting them together.
When installing the cpu fan, had thermal paste under it already, that came with it the arm clips would not lock so I removed the cpu fan and placed it back on the cpu and locked the arms.

Will this affect my cpu at all?

Thank you guys again
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  1. the thermal past is essential. Which CPU did you purchase? Will you be over clocking it?
  2. I dont think I will be. I have read it has to be evenly spread out and considering how I had to remove the cpu fan off the cpu for a second makes me feel like it wont work properly.

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    it does need to be even for sure. You may want to get yourself some thermal past and apply it yourself. Before you do so, you will need to completely clean off the old paste, carefully, with a qtip and strong rubbing alcohol. There are some thermal paste removers (liquid) but they are not necessary.

    Good thermal paste for your CPU is Artic MX-4. I used many times.
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