Which Laptop Should I Get?

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    Apart from double the memory and 2xSSD in raid capacity, not much difference.

    You should see better performance of the SSD's if they are setup in RAID-0 and they properly support RAID trim.

    If my money, I would buy the cheaper model, change the SSD to a single 256MB model and upgrade the ram.

    If you can't change, then still buy the cheaper model, pull the ssd and memory, replace with your own purchase, which should be cheaper and sell them on or use in another pc.
  2. Gylfi3_ said:

    For the sake of 20 dollars I would get the one with the higher res display - you can't change a laptop screen, so get the best!! Otherwise there's little between them - both great systems, but again, 20 dollars for a doubled SSD size is really really good
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