I have no sound coming from my computer /realtek driver and or manager not detected in device manager.

One day I woke up and got on the computer and saw an x next to the sound button on the task bar in the lower right corner ( i am using windows vista).This happened one other time, but i don't remember what i did to fix it.

Now i am no computer Genius, but if someone list step-by step procedures to help me solve this problem, it would greatly be appreciated.

I tried to reinstall it (realtek audio driver), but i dont think it worked because when i uninstalled itand i downloaded the driver and installed it i was getting an error. but after doing this process a number of times, it reinstalled, but the problem still exists.

I even tried using windows system to reinstall it ( or atleast i think thats what it was doing), but nothing changed.

My computer doesnt even detect any sound card card actually. it keeps say " no audio devices installed"

A very frustrated person :fou:
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  1. "no audio devices installed" typically appears when the correct audio driver is missing. The driver has to be the right one for your specific make and model of computer and you can get it from from your computer manufacturer's website.

    In very rare cases the sound adapter itself may be faulty though I've never known that to happen, but when it does you simply install a new sound card if it's a desktop PC.

    Looking in Device Manager for any errors in the sound category usually helps to pin down what needs to be done.
  2. thanks. Ill try that. hopefully it will work, if not, i'll be back again...
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    Sound cards and audio ports rarely go out, and if they do its because someone breaks off a headphone jack in them or something. I would make sure the right realtek driver is installed, is it a manufactured PC or a custom built one? Try going into safe mode and installing the driver(maybe virus issue??). Is this a sound card or the ports on the computer?
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