New build - worked great at first, then no post/no beep/no display shortly after Windows install

mobo: MSI A78M-E35
APU: AMD A6-6400K
PSU: Corsair CX500
RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB (2x4)
SSD: Samsung MZ-7TE120BW 840 EVO
no graphics card

Day 1: Built PC, everything fired up great, configured BIOS, began Windows 8.1 install, went to bed. Left PC on. Cables a bit messy but fans running and pretty sure airflow not obstructed.

Day 2: Completed Windows 8.1 install, selected option to automatically install updates, drivers, etc. Installed Chrome and some other misc apps. Still working great. Then all of a sudden POOF - no signal to monitor. Restarted. Fans, lights, hard drive, etc all getting power. No beep, no post, no display.

Tried HDMI and VGA ports. Tried different memory configs (1 4GB stick in each slot), still no beep. Tried yanking battery from mobo to reset CMOS. Checked power cables, etc. I do not have extra RAM or PSU to test with.

Watching my budget so I'm resisting taking it in somewhere if I can figure it out, but I will if that's my smartest course. I'm within my 30 days to return any parts to Newegg. Is it likely a fried mobo? Hosed BIOS update that Windows did behind the scenes? Fried APU? I was particularly careful to select a good PSU and most things are getting power, so I doubt that's it unless these symptoms strongly point to it? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. unplug hdd, ssd, memory ect. one at a time and trying to start computer in between each unplug to see if a specific piece of hardware is causing it to not boot. Always try that
  2. Unplugged all hdd, ssd, ram, etc as suggested. Still no beep. If the mobo was fine but the apu was hosed would I hear a beep? If so that tells me it's more likely the mobo than the apu. And since most components are getting power it seems unlikely it's a bad psu. That leaves the mobo. Does this sound conclusive enough to return it to Newegg or should I have the thing checked out to be sure?
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