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Hi everyone,

I've been searching the internet to find a good answer to this. I am in need of a new laptop. My 2012 hp laptop isn't cutting it anymore. I am a college student in the area of research, and I plan on using the laptop for CAD and CFD, but I also wanted one that could handle some gaming as well.

I've been looking through laptops, and I found the Sager NP8268-S which is a gaming laptop with a good graphics card and an Intel I-7 processor. However I will be running SolidWorks, Fluent, and MatLab on the machine as well, and I heard a 3 GHz processor was best for these programs.

Also the price was a little steep for me on the Sager. I selected the customize and added a 16 GB of RAM onto it and it is now about $1500. Additionally, it has a backlit full sized keyboard which is something I want to have included on my new laptop.

I was hoping I could find a laptop for a little under $1k, but am not having much luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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