I need drivers but I am not sure how many and specifically what drivers, Help!?

I have recently re installed Windows 7 on my PC. I had all my disks, but they have mysteriously gone missing. I have some of the drivers I need on a USB Drive but I don't know it I have them all.
My specs are:
Intel Core i5 3350p
ASUS P8B75-V motherboard
(1x8) Vengeance 8GB RAM
Corsair 1TB DDR3 Hard Drive
GTX GeForce 760 SC
ASUS DvD Drive
Windows 7 Home Premium
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    first download an install motherboard drivers. All of them. Do chipset drivers first (then restart), then SATA drivers (restart), then the rest.

    When done, download Nvidia drivers for the 760:
  2. You'll need chipset and other motherboard drivers which can be found on ASUS's website. Just search for your model board and look under downloads or support or something.

    Same thing with the GPU. You can get it on nVidia's site.

    Everything else doesn't need a driver.
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