Radeon 6450 and a 300W battery supply

I have a dell inspiron 3000 model and was wondering if i could use the Radeon 6450 with its 300w battery supply to run low maintenance games? I currently have a intel graphics card which does not treat me as well as i would like a GPU to. (which is not expected of an intel card)
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  1. pls mention your specs and i dont understand the battery part
  2. 8gb DDR3 Intel i5-3330 3.00 GHz with a 300 watt battery supply
  3. It's not a battery, it's a power supply. You could run a better could if you want.
  4. Do you have any graphic card recommendations that are not too expensive?

    and sorry about the battery/power supply thing. I do not know much about this kind of stuff :)
  5. butterstache said:
    8gb DDR3 Intel i5-3330 3.00 GHz with a 300 watt battery supply

    yes u can run 6470 with your psu ...btw whats your budget for the card ?
  6. in the 50-100$ price range, if you list some i would appreciate it
  7. I looked up the specs just to make sure and it's a 220w psu. The 6450 is the best you could do on that.

    There is no such thing as a 6470.
  8. The dell only has a 220w supply?
  9. Is this the slim or mid tower?
  10. k1114 said:
    Is this the slim or mid tower?

    It's the mid tower, its the normal size
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    Ok never mind then, it is 300w. Google just went to the slim instead of the mid tower since 3000 is not the real number. The mid tower is 3847. At the top of your budget is the 750 which could play higher end modern games on med-high. I don't think you'd need that much so could go with a 730 or r7 240.
  12. Is the link i gave you a decent graphics card also, or better than what i have which is Intel 2500 Graphics?
  13. buy an r7 240 or 250 instead suiting your budget....and yes better than the inbuilt gfx.
  14. OK i will probably get the 240 but my friend who has the radeon 6450 has one monitor atm and wants to know while i am on the forums if his graphic card will support dual monitors.
  15. It will natively support 3 monitors and up to 4! If you only plan to run 2 monitors, I suggest using "digital" source like below:

    Option 1 - DVI (monitor 1) Display Port (monitor 2) <<<because the natively support same resolution
    Option 2 - DVI (monitor 1) HDMI (monitor 2) <<< stays at high res and all digital
    Option 3 - DVI (monitor 1) VGA (monitor 2) <<<still perfectly fine, just mixing digital and analog .
  16. If you're wondering about which gpu is better, there's this chart.,3107-7.html
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