display problem with new PC!!! please help.

Hi everyone,

I just got my new custom PC integrated today and I got an Intel dh87rl main board. I like square monitor so I purchased dell e1715s led display. The main board has dvi-i connector. How can I use the monitor with it since my monitor has only VGA connector? Please help.
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  1. buy a vga to dvi at any electronic store it costs less than 5 bucks :)
  2. I got a connector from some ahop but i guess it is a dvi-d to VGA connector. Will it not work?
  3. it should work just check the back of the screen! and this use that image to choose the one that will work with your screen. they all have about the same quality so don't worry :)
  4. Thank you for your prompt replies. You' re a problem solver and amazing help. The picture which you gave... The connector on my motherboard is dvi-i dual link however the connector is dvi-d dual link to VGA. Is that the problem?
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    yes sir remember they must match and they sell all of them for the same prices just buy the right one it wont be over 5 bucks :)
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