Windows 7 crashed, lost CD & Key, Installing 8

My Windows 7 PC tries to auto-repair on boot without success. I lost my install disk and also the pass key. Ugh.

Contaced MS and they said I could just buy the Windows 8.1 udgrade for 119.99 bucks and it should install now problem (even though it says upgrade from windows 7; not full version). So I ordered it.

Windows still tries to boot thru the hard drive. It doesnt just auto play the install disc.

I tried to change boot drives to my dvd and blu ray drive only to force it to play the disc. I get a prompt to boot from cd press any key.... but pressing keys will not get it going.

I wasnt sure if I should format my C drive first before installing. I did not do that yet.

Any ideas? Or is there more info needed?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I wouldn't format c:, the upgrade may not work on a clean drive.

    It has to be your boot order.
    Make sure the CD is first in the boot order.

    To test if the CD is working unplug the hard drive, and see if it boots from the CD.
    Just to test though.
  2. good idea. did that and i saw the new window logo pop up but would not go further. i reconnected the c drive and when i boot i am asked if i want to boot the cd drive press any key. for some reason it doesnt react when i press a key. then it just starts booting the c drive again.
  3. It should work, you would not get the "press any key", if it wasn't in the boot order.

    Disconnect the hard drive temporarily, and see if it will boot from the CD.
    I would establish that before going any further.

    Down load a Linux ISO, burn it to disk, and see if that boots, when you press any key.

    For that matte, try any boot disk, and see if it will boot, when you press any key.
  4. ok. i did that had to wait awhile but the purple screeen came up. i plugged the hdd back in and it is now asking install or repair. not sure what to select...
  5. well. gonna do the install and see how it goes.
  6. Install
  7. and the questions keep coming.... i tried the first option keeps files and apps and the second custom option does not i believe. when i selected the default install it told me to reboot windows normally then insert the install. that didnt work because windows 7 isnt working. so trying the custom option next
  8. installation success. had to format my c ssd drive instead of upgrade. no important files no big deal. had to enable my keyboard and ssd in bios for some reason. then install was super smooth. Thanks to millright.
  9. Glad to hear it, you're welcome.
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