New laptop - Need help with the microphone input on Asus laptop

I have been using my desktop computer that runs windows 7 to broadcast a live stream over the internet. During the live stream I DJ. On my desktop I directly connect the master output on the dj mixer to the microphone input on my desktop.
as seen here it plays the music fine: (the picture shows the line in input being used but the microphone input on the front on the computer works aswell)

So now heres the problem. I have recently got an ASUS X551CA 15.6" Laptop that has a hybrid microphone/headphone input. So now when i plug in the direct input to the microphone input on the laptop, it doesnt recognize as a mic.
as seen here:

Any help or suggestions to help me get this direct input to stream through my laptop? Thanks for your time :D
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  1. Hi, if you have a combo jack for the headset and microphone, you will need a cable like this one to use the microphone. But the speakers will not work due to the cable, you can still connect a headset for the sound.
  2. ill go pick one up and see
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