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I originally had a 500gb hard drive which was old and almost full. so i bought a new 1 tb hybrid drive to which i have cloned my previous drives data to. i used runtime shadow copy to do this, however i found out half way through the transfer of data that this software wasn't particularly the best to use and can be buggy and not as reliable as other software out there. i exited the cloning (which i shouldn't of) and resumed later on because i thought it would best to let it transfer the rest but now i am stuck with this transferred data (some of which may be broken or missing) by a relatively unreliable software, what should i do?! D:
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  1. Buy Acronis True Image and clone the disk with it. Or, for free, you can use Windows Backup. It's more round-about but it's free. If you have Windows 7 then start it up and make a system image to an external disk. Swap out the old disk with the new disk in your PC, then boot with a Windows 7 installation disk, and go into Custom or Repair, can't remember which, and do a Restore from the previous system image backup (your external drive will need to be connected during the bootup). It works very reliably, but you do need a Win 7 boot disk and an external drive to hold the image backup. It's very reliable. So is True Image, but it's not free.
  2. tanks :) i dont have an external disk but i want to use acronis true image, is there any way to erase the hybrid drive again and start over with acronis?
  3. thanks*
  4. i haven't got a windows 7 disk either :-(
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    You can download a copy of Windows 7 from Digital River (make sure it's the same copy you have, such as Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, etc.), and burn the ISO to a blank DVD disk (Windows 7 can do that for you).

    You can use Disk Management (Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management --> Disk Management), or (type "diskmgmt.msc" into the Menu Search box). Actually, no need, Acronis will warn you that the cloning process will wipe out anything you have on the disk. Obviously, if you're going to clone one disk to another, the second one will have whatever is on it replaced with what's on the source disk. Cloning by definition wipes out the target disk.
  6. Just use Seagates diskwizard to clone the drive. Its free and is really Acronis but only works with Seagate & Maxtor drives.
  7. oh thanks man :D i never thought haha! i was getting all panicky at first cos i thought id messed up my new drive D: i will get right on to that :)
  8. and i wont need an iso if i just do a clone?
  9. Nope but I always recommend having a backup available should things go horribly wrong.
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