Upgrade and other questions :)

hello i have a few questions any help would be appreciated.

my current system specs are this:
motherboard: MSI FM2-A55M-E33
processor: AMD A6-5400K 3.6 x 2
ram: Kingston HyperX Genesis 4GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-15000 (1866MHz
psu: generic 450watt.
hard drive: 2x 160gb Samsung.
graphics card: zotac 2 gb gt 640. dd3
i want to know,

1. would i see any performance increase if i change my card to a gddr5 r7 250x?
2. i have weird interference coming from my computer i know its not the screen for i tested it independently and all the other components are new except for the graphics card, what could it be?

3. please not that i want to play on a 19 inch screen so its 1280 or at most 1366x768

4. my power supply is generic and of low wattage is the 250x gonna be able to run on it? does it require any special cables like 6 pin or something?

5. i didn't put thermal paste when i installed the processor. should i?
thanks a lot!

some games i want to play im currently playing them but want them to be on ultra or very high settings on 1366 x 768. : star craft 2, star wars the old republic.
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  1. 1) 250 card would be a slight step up, not really worth the cost increase though and will not get yu anywhere near very high or ultra settings. Your cpu is going to hold you back from achieving very high settings no matter what gpu you buy. If you want very high then you will have to upgrade everything (cpu, gpu, mobo, ram, psu).

    2) Please be more specific in regards to what you mean as "interference"

    4) Your power supply wattage is fine for anything up to a r7-260 or gtx 750ti, the issue is that generic power supplies are cheap for a reason and are like a cheap car amp, if they ever reach the max voltage it will be for 2 seconds before it destroys everything. I would replace that PSU with a quality one that wont have a likelyness of frying your computer.

    5) Your heatsink should have came with thermalpaste already applied to it, if you removed it or put on a different heatsink and did not apply thermal paste then holly crap turn your computer off RIGHT NOW.
  2. 1. but how the benchmarks show a BIG difference from one card to the other. i mean the benchmarks difference is of almost twice as fast.
    2. it looks like static i changed the vga cable the adapter and tested the screen on another pc and no static.
    3. ok new psu
    4. i didnt remove the paste and i used the fan supplied with the processor i hope it will be fine :O
    5. i plan to upgrade the ram from 4 to 8 gb
    6. the only thing is the processor its dual core 3.6 will it absolutely be the bottleneck here?
  3. i do just want a slight increase as i am currently able to play this games starcraft 2 and swtor on high with the selected resolution and i must be getting over 30 fps normally as it seem rather enjoyable. just wanted to know if the gpu upgrade is gonna help at least a 10-15% increase in performance? money is not a problem to spend 120 on a gpu but to change everything would be costly.
  4. im thinking my static image problem is the gpu so that one is going to the trash soon anyway :(
  5. If you get a new cable when you get the gpu then you will be set there then.

    As far as the gpu, yes a 250 is an improvement, but for the cost you could get a 260x or 750ti for a little more and be a much better improveent.

    The A6 is not that great of a cpu (in reality none of the a4/a6/a8/a10 cpus in the fm2 socket is very good), playing lower end games it might not provide much of a bottleneck but if you want to play serrious games then you will eventually have to upgrade mobo and cpu.
  6. dude look at this,3747-3.html help me out here 250x vs gt 640 260 x is better but i have a tight budget.
  7. note not the 250 i want the ''250X''
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    For $20-25 more you can get a 260x that is 30% better then the 250x.

    I understand that you want it now, but saving money is how most everyone builds their super awesome computers. They deal with the low end old computer they have and save up to buy the good parts they want, not the lower end parts they can afford today. If you buy the 250x it wont take too long for you to outgrow it and want a better card so why not just save up another $25 and buy the better card, there is no reason you cant find something to do to make an extra $25.
  9. okay i guess ill buy a 260 x online i will wait longer for it to come but its cheaper than buying a in store 250x here in Panama. will i see a performance increase over ze gt 640 ? :) :) :)
  10. also will the brand make any difference? of the card of course.
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