Gtx 780/780Ti Vs 290/290x

Looking for a new gpu for my vg248qe. Currently have a MSI 670 PE. The 290 is around $400, both 290x and 780 is around $500 and the 780 Ti is around $650. Which gpu would be better for the money/need got 144hz?

Thanks for your input!
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  1. What;s your monitor's resolution? How many monitors are you planning on gaming on?
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    You have a 1080p monitor so I would go with the 290. Honestly though they are all a bit overkill for 1080p, those GPUs are meant for 1440p and above. At that resolution something like 770 or R9 280X would be your best bet
  3. Arcturus314 said:
    You have a 1080p monitor

    lol I didnt see the model in OP's post. An R9 290 would be the most you would ever need, or a 2gb 770. I'd go for the 290, because you get lost more performance for about $50, plus the extra VRAM.
  4. Probably sticking with just 1 monitor and 1080p
  5. aaronchanz said:
    Probably sticking with just 1 monitor and 1080p

    Definitely 770 2GB or R9 280X then. You don't need anything more than that for 1080p
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