3 way Temps Dispute

Cpu: amd 8350

Hwmonitor: 27-35
asrock F-stream: 38-40c
CoreTemp: 28-35

p95 load:
hwMonitor: 44-46
asrock F-Stream: 55-57

So...which ones right? The asrock (no idea if the utility is reliable) says its about 10c higher than coretemp or hwmonitor

just want to know where i stand Temps wise. I should also mention i'm using a 212 Hyper Evo as my cooler

Thanks in advance!!

Edit: derped and forgot to put my Cpu
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  1. Are you using them simultaneously? If you are doing so, it will cause polling conflicts. Make sure you only run one at a time. Personally, I use HWMonitor. It never fails.
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    I would think that 'asrock F-stream' is incorrect as the others are reading very similar. Plus, as you said you are using the 212 Hyper Evo, so your idle temps should be pretty low, not as high as 40.
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