Cheap efficient power supply with low watts

I was hoping to go with something thats a bit cheaper and lower wattage for a build for my dad. He is just an average pc user and im building him a fast computer for the price any recommendations?
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  1. my friend...dont confuse cheap and good with the same thing...youll get burned...literally.

    the psu you chose is good... :)
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    That power supply is perfect for what you're building.

    I do wonder why he'd need a GT730. Why not go with an APU? You could save a bit of money and still get a A10-6800K. The onboard graphics should be more than sufficient for an average PC user/non-gamer. not that a GT730 would be good for gaming either.
  3. true...if no gaming were involved
  4. does that x4 have a apu?
  5. colonelblake said:
    does that x4 have a apu?

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