Acer laptop will not boot into Windows 8 nor will it stay on for more than 5 minutes.

A couple months ago my laptop would no longer boot into Windows 8 after a failed attempt to "refresh" it. I am finally getting around to dealing with it since its warranty had expired, but I want some advice before I make any purchases for something I may not need. When turned on it would get stuck in a loop of failed automatic repairs. None of the options in the recovery environment are helping as I do not yet have any installation media for Windows 8. I am aware that I will most likely need to acquire this. The main reason I haven't done so is because the laptop will not stay on for very long (around 5-10 min). I thought it was an issue with the fan since it would get fairly hot before shutting down, and I already had an issue with the fan that was fixed while it was still in warranty. However, yesterday I took it apart and cleaned the fan. It helped with the heat but it will still not stay on very long. It was suggested to me that maybe the hard drive has crashed. How do I determine if this is the case? Is there a way to fix it if it is or would I just need to buy a new one then install Windows on that? The laptop was mainly used for games and social media so I would not need to recover any data from the hard drive if it is toast.

I will gladly provide more details about the laptop if needed. Thanks.
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  1. Okay lets address them one at a time, for the software issue with windows 8, I would first get the disk and a do a total wipe and reload, I would not waste money on a hard drive till then UNLESS you have tested the hard drive and it fails. Either way you will need to buy the disk because with a new hard drive it comes blank, how will you put windows on it??

    The other issues with it not staying on COULD be fan, the computer may THINK its overheating due to fault sensors/motherboard/fan and turn itself off even tho it doesn't feel hot. Does it RESTART every 5-10 minutes or completely turn off and stay off? Try doing the RAM dance and use one stick at a time in different slots.

    What model and how old is this laptop? May not be worth the fix...
  2. It is an Acer Aspire V3-551-7423 that was purchased in August of last year. It completely turns off and stays off.
    Also wouldn't it be possible to create a recovery drive from someone else's computer with Windows 8? Or would that not work?
  3. I want to say try it, but if its a windows 8 machine from the factory it wont work. Microsoft has "injected" the product key into the motherboard so when you try to load it the product key on your machine wont match the one on the recovery and it might conflict with some stuff??

    I would find a used or cheap motherboard and a fan/heatsink. Replace the fan/heatsink first and see if it works, if not replace the motherboard. This is why I recommend warranty on computers always, playing with fire you are. Contact Asus and compare the price of a motherboard vs. if they let you add warranty on your laptop(some manufactures let you do that.
  4. This was the first computer I have purchased with my own money so if nothing else it is a learning experience. I'll try your suggestions and come back when I've got an update. Thanks for the tips.
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