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Hey guys, So im currently running a FX - 8350 on an ASUS Crosshair formula z

I'm switching over to intel at the end of the month and was just wondering what the new i7 4790k was like as I have my heart set on that chip.. I'm pretty buzzed that it's stocked at a nice 4.0Ghz and will overclock quite well I imagine.. right, so the motherboard I will be pairing up with this i7 will be a Gigabyte Z97X-SLI ... I would like to know, will this board offer good overclocking for the i7? maybe 4.4, 4.6ghz? as the board is low in price compared to my Crosshair formula im worried it wont offer as much as it has done for my 8350 to the 4790k.. ALSO what will this chip be like with an R9 290? thanks for reading guys

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  1. Noone?
  2. Can't exactly say for sure as I have am about to order an i7-4770K myself (new build, about $1600). What is your budget for the upgrade?
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    These types of questions generally require experience from someone who has used the CPU and/or Motherboard. If you haven't it's more of an educated guess. I'll give an educated guess.

    The motherboard seems to have high capabilities with handling OC, and has apparently won an overclocking award... so I would say that's a very good Motherboard, especially for overclocking.
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