1 stick of 8gb vs 2 sticks of 4gb

I am wondering if I should get one stick of 8gb so that later I can upgrade to 32 gb, other than buying 4gb x2 and a max of 16gb later. Thanks..
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  1. You want to utilize dual channel and to do so you should always get RAM in pairs instead of one stick in a larger capacity. Therefore, you're going to get better performance out of 2x4GB sticks than one 8GB stick.
  2. No matter what you choose bare this in mind running 2 sticks of ram is faster because then they run in dual channel mode.

    next to help with your question what are you using the PC for?
  3. I would say that if you know you are going to get the 32 GB in the future then go with the single stick of 8 GB. You will sacrifice some performance now but you will save money later and not have to worry about getting rid of the old RAM. But make sure you put the same memory for all four sticks.
  4. Then again, you do have the issue of finding identical RAM modules later on down the line. Personally, I'd recommend going with 2x4GB now and max out at 16GB later. Do you really know that you're going to need 32GB later on down the line?

    -Wolf sends
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    Best to get all DRAM at once - there is no guarantee that you will be able to add additional sticks to what you might get now and they will all play together. Even getting the same exact model, the forums are full of people who have done just this and found things don't work when they try and add additional sticks. If there are problems often they can be made to play nice with voltage and/or timing adjustments, but again no guarantees and DRAM manufacturers don't guarantee mixed sets, that's why there is such a variety of sets out there and each individual set is guaranteed, since they test the sets to work together. They also costs a bit more, say a 4 stick set costs more than a pair of two stick sets, it takes longer (more testing to find 4 that will alll play nice. If it was as easy as many make it sound to just add sticks, all the DRAM makers would do is sell individual sticks and make more profits
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