Slow wireless transfer speed PC to PC but fast internet speed

I have the next problem:
I have 50Mbps internet connection, and I can see that on speed from my laptop. But if I copy a file from another PC (windows to windows) I only see 1Mbps! If I connect my laptop to the wired LAN, the same file transfer is now ~400Mbps
Why i see this????
Is not the wireless link because I can download at 50Mbps from the internet.
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  1. It's because of your wireless router that doesnt have fast transfer speed over wirelesss. what are you on, b/g/n?
  2. It almost sounds like the router is defaulting back the slowest speed due to compatibility.

    I dont know what wireless standard you are using but taking G as an example although it is rated 54mbs
    it can adapt on the fly to a variatey of speeds between 1 & 54
    it sounds like somethings off so its reverting to the minimum speed.

    I think you need to try playing with the options on your router and wireless cards to find the issue.

    on the cards you will have options like rts/cts, and CTS to self . cts to self is better and normal but might cause issues.

    on the router there may be things like channel width and guard interval, or mixed mode vs g or n only. try playing with these by setting them all down to basic options then slowly turning things on.

    What wireless standard are you on and do both computers also suport it?
  3. Thanks for your help. I have a Netgear dual band wireless n, and it does not mater how far or close I am from the router, and also I have tried both frequencies. (My think pad also has a dual band wireless N card) It is always the same, over wireless: 50Mbps of speed if I download a large file from the Internet, 1Mbps if I use windows explorer to copy a file from another PC on my home. The Other PC is connected via Gigabit Ethernet cable to the Router.
    It looks to me that this is a windows problem or a windows explorer problem, because Why a protocol like FTP or HTTP will get 50Mbps and the protocol to copy files over windows file systems will be slow, using the same card.
    I will also play with the rts/cts, and CTS to see if that helps.
  4. You could probably find out whats going on with a wireshark capture but that's very involved. It sounds like an SMB issue.
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