Order parts for full build. How should I OC system for gaming?

This is my build.

I dont wanna OC too much like nothing to crazy.

the graphics card is already oc'd should I push it more with this set up?

I probably wont touch the gpu but lets see what people say.

and yeah everything on the build like what should I oc.
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  1. well, you can try 1.1 on the gpu, it should be fine, just keep it under 80c, and you could easily get the cpu to ~4.6-4.8, just keep it under 80c aswell. there isnt anything else you should overclock, just the gpu and cpu :)
  2. the gpu is already oc'd to 1040 should i go higher?

    oh you ment 1100mhz on gpu?
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  4. ^^ good starting point for the cpu.
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