Kingston HyperX Blu 4 GB X 2 or GSKILL RIPJAWS 8GB ( 4GB X 2 ) for Gaming.

Building a Gaming PC and I need help on deciding which of these should I get.
Other Specs:
Intel Core i5 - 4440 Processor
Inno3D GTX 650
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  1. GSKILL RIPJAWS 8GB ( 4GB X 2 ) is better
    especially for intel cpu
  2. I agree with Radeon Gskills is great ram for gamming use, it has large heat spreaders also. I have kingston blu on my new build, but I don't do that much gamming. Mostly do video downloads. You won't go wrong with either choice. Both are good selections and have great reputation in the memory business.
  3. Best answer
    Go with the RJ X in 1600/9
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