Need Opinion on part list. First time Building a Gaming PC

Hi everyone, this is my first time building a computer. Can you take a look at it and tell me if everything is okay? Also tell me if I should add/delete anything. This gaming PC is meant so I can play games on ultra quality. I am planning sometime later down the road to SLI my graphic card ( that is why I have a large power supply) , but not in the foreseeable future. That being said, do you think I need extra aftermarket cooling fans to go with the current build that I have? Or is the ones built into my case as well as the default cooling fans in the CPU and GPU sufficient.

If I do need extra fans, I was thinking of getting the Kraken x61 as the radiator. What are your thoughts? Also How many 120mm should i get if I do get that? and should I hook this up to the CPU or the GPU. Thank you, I am very new at this.

I am also planning to buy a 1440p monitor sometime soon. Can you guys give me suggestions on what is a decent monitor at 1440p?

Also I don't plan on overclocking because I am not too familiar with it. So my question is do you think my i7 4790 is sufficient without the "K".
Also do you think my motherboard is good enough? Or will it bottleneck my performance.

My part list is as follows (click on the link)
Thank you!! I am planning to play games like Elder Scroll, Total War, Dota 2 if that helps. :)
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    Holy crp, that i7 is super cheap, you got a steal there. i would get this cheap i7 instead of i5-4690K
    $229.99 USD
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    the mobo is good enough

    but the PSU is overkill, even for GTX 780 ti SLI, you need only 850W GOLD
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